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    Inner control and monitoring department submits to the rector of Institute.

Inner control and monitoring department controls and makes monitoring of on time realizing of the main duties appointed on the National program of cadres preparing, degrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, orders belong to higher education Cabinet of Ministers, juridical acts and methodical evidences of the Ministry of higher and secondary specialized education.

Main functions of the Inner control and monitoring department are followers:
- Making monitor and controlling of laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, degrees and resolutions of supreme organizations, decisions and orders, modemogramma and phonogram of the Ministry, orders of the rector by responsible person;
- Researching quality of preparing cadres, requests to them, monitoring of the planned events by Institute and material and financial resources;
- Making inner control of developing and re-preparing of professor-fellows` qualification.

Functions of Inner control department:
- Making methodical supports to departments in making of educational standards monitoring in Institute;
- Working out the system of realization of orders and statutes of Institute and realizing themselves;
- Making practical and methodical supports in overcoming inquired limitations by analyzing performance activity of Institute;
- Researching, collecting and popularizing advanced practices of Institute;
- Making ratings of professor-fellows every academic year;
- Analyzing rating marks collecting according to stated working plans by professor-fellows in the end of the academic year, making banks about professor-fellows who have high testimony;
Inner control and monitoring department consists of a head, methodologist, senior and junior laboratory assistants.