Head of faculty: Boltayeva Mukhayyo Lutfillayevna, dotsent

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                                  History of Faculty

The faculty "Pedagogical and pedagogical technologies" was founded on the basis of the order of the rector of the Namangan Engineering-Pedagogical Institute on April 21, 1998, and it has been operating since September 1 of the same year. The candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent N.Muhitdinov (1998-1999), then the candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent STTurgunov (1999-2000), the candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent I.Rahimov (2000-2006 yy. ) and candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor SH. Kadirov (2006-2008), candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Sh.Abdurahmanov (2008-2009), doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor STTurgunov (2010-2011), candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent A.Hamrakulov and physics-mathematics Associate Professor A.Atutujayev have been appointed as the head of the department.
From November 18, 2013, the department is headed by the candidate of pedagogical sciences, dots. Mukhayyo Boltaeva.

Professors and teachers of the department:

1. Boltayeva Muhayyo Lutfillayevna- head of faculty, docent
2. Abdurakhmanov Sherzod - docent
3. Rakhimov Ilkhomjon Abdullayevich - docent
4. Shodmanov Kodirjon Odilkhanovich - docent
5. Toshpulatov Ibrokhim Ikromjanovich – senior teacher
6. Abduazizova Veronika Vadimovna - senior teacher
7. Parpiyev Otabek Tillayevich-senior teacher
8. Satimov Azamjon Ikromovich-senior teacher
9. Nodirov Jakhongir-senior teacher
10. Mamurova Feruza Tojimatovna - assistent
11. Makhmudova Nozima Bakhriddinovna - assistent
12. Nasritdinov Bekzod Khusnutdinovich-assistent

                                                              Scientific potential of the department (45%)

Associate professors - 4 people

Senior teacher -5 people

Assistants - 3 people

Technical staff - 2 people 


                                                            Educational and methodical work of the department

In 2014 the assistant of the department V.Abduazizova has developed the methodical recommendation «Theory and practice of preparing future engineers-pedagogues for pedagogical creativity» and is actively used in educational process. Associate professors of the department Sh.Abdurahmanov, I.Rakhimov, Q.Shodmanov, the methodical instructions on the 2 nd course of pedagogical practice of the students, the "Year of a healthy child" based on the activities of the secondary schools in the methodology and advanced pedagogical area, the senior lecturers MLBoltaeva, assistants V.Abduazizova and F.Mamurova on the day of formation of secondary schools in the primary classes, to develop and finalize the program of organizing trainings for professional training.

                                                                     List of subjects to be taught:
1. Professional psychology - senior teacher Tashpulatov I., assistant Ma'murova F.
2. Professional pedagogy - docent Rakhimov I., Parpiev O senior teacher
3. The young physiology and hygiene - docent Shodmanov Q.
4. Educational technologies - docent Abdurakhmanov SH. Assistant N. Maxmudova
5. Pedagogical technologies - docent Abdurakhmanov SH., Assistant Abduazizova V.
7. The theory of economic education - docent Boltayeva M, assistant Maxmudova N.
9. Pedagogy. Psychology - docent Shodmanov Q., senior teacher Tashpulatov I., assistant Mamurova F.
10. Methodology of educational work - docent Boltayeva M, assistant Maxmudova N.
11. Pedagogical master - docent Boltayeva M., assistant Maxmudova N.
12. Senior teacher of pedagogy and psychology of professional activity I. Tashpulatov

          Open lessons conducted by the teaching staff of the Pedagogical and Pedagogical Technologies Department.
On the basis of the following curriculum the open lessons were systematically conducted and analyzed in the department. The reports and documents are drawn up and collected in the proper order. Teachers of the department of pedagogical and pedagogical technologies regularly conduct open lessons in 2016-2017 academic year.

 Scientific-research works of the department

Assistant of the department V.Abduazizova Doctoral dissertation on the theme " Theory and practice of preparing future engineers-pedagogues for pedagogical creativity " was approved in 2013 at the specialized scientific council of the Kori Niyazi Pedagogical Institute of Scientific Research of Uzbekistan and published in the OAK bulletin №1 in 2014 e- lonely In the second half of 2017, it is under protection.

                                                                        Spiritual and educational work

Spiritually-educational and educational work is one of the most urgent directions of the activity of the department. There are plans for spiritual-educational, educational work of the department for the 2016-2017 academic year, such as bringing up students in the spirit of respect for the Motherland, respect for the revival of national values, preservation of the environment and the property of the institute, goals oriented. In addition, the students are teaching the heritage of the great thinkers and the tasks set out in the program. The department regularly organizes various cultural and educational events.