Head of faculty: Abdullayev Murоdjоn Tursunоvich, q-x.f.n., dоtsent.
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The department was founded in 1984 on the basis of the department of "General chemistry", since 1996 "Ecology and chemistry", from 1998 "Chemical technology and biotechnology", from 2002 "Chemical technology", from 2012 - It operates under its name.

During this period professor Gafurov (1984-1992); Professor K. Razikov (1992-1996);dotsent S.Zokirov (1996-2002); docent I.Shamshidinov, the head of the department. Since 2008, Associate Professor Murodjon Abdullayev has been working as a Head of the Department of Vocational Education (Chemical Technology).

Department of Vocational Education (Chemical Technology):

• 5111000 - Professional education prepares specialists in the field of "Chemical technology" ("Bachelor chemist-technologist").

Professors and teachers of the department:

In the department of vocational training (Chemical Technology) there are 9 professors-teachers, 7 of them are full-time and 2 are double-headed. The scientific potential of the department is 50%.
1. Abdullayev Murоdjоn Tursunоvich - dоtsent
2. Shamshidinоv Isrоiljоn Turgunоvich - dоtsent
3. Turaev Zоkirjоn - dоtsent
4. Umarоv Abdumutоlib Ruzibоyevich - dоtsent
5. Bоkiyeva Khayotkhоn Abduganiyevna - assistent
6. Sarimsakоva Nilufar Sоbirjоnоvna - assistent
7. Khayitоv Bakhоdir Abdulbоriyevich - assistent
8. Yuldasheva Madina - assistent
9. Ganibоyeva Gulnоza Kоdirjоnоvna - assistent


                                                       Teaching process of Chemical Technology Department

 Educational work of the department

The Department of Vocational Education (Chemical Technology) organizes the educational process in the following order:
5111000 - Professional education "Chemical technology"
1. General and inorganic chemistry - dots. I.Shamsiddinov
2. Introduction to the specialty – senior teacher. A.Juraev
3. Analytical, physical and colloidal chemistry - dots. A.Umarov
4. Organic chemistry - dots. A.Umarov
5. Chemical technology of organic substances - dots. A.Umarov
6. Professional skills - dots. M.Abdullayev
8. Chemical technology of mineral fertilizers and salts - dots. I.Shamsiddinov
9. Chemical technology of inorganic substances - dots. M.Abdullayev
10. Chemistry and technology of high molecular connections - dots. A.Umarov
11. Inorganic and organic chemistry – senior teacher. A.Juraev
12. Raw materials and their enrichment - dots. I.Shamsiddinov
13. Organic and physical chemistry in construction - dots. Z.Turaev
14. Paper production technology - dots. A.Umarov
15. Chemistry - dots. M.Abdullayev, dots. Z.Turaev, dots. A.Umarov

 Scientific works of the department

State grants and innovative projects

In the framework of the State scientific and technical programs of the Center for Science and Technology of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the 2012-2014 Applied Research Contribution (ITD-12) "Local phosphorites of subspecies of fertilizers of the kind separated seperphosphate and the use of microelemented industrial wastes "(code A12-OT-0-23262, Project Leader ID number s690870673). The project has been allocated 113 million soums for 3 years. Works on this project were completed and reports were submitted.
In 2014, IOT-2014-7-9 under the guidance of docent I.Shamshidinov on the innovative project "Introduction of technology of alumina sulphide based on Kaolin Angren", 70 mln. The work on the state grant was completed and reports were submitted.In 2015 A-12-39 research projects are being carried out on the State Grant on "Technology of the production of calcium and magnesium phosphate fertilizers using local carbonated raw materials".
In 2016, IOT-2016-5-28, under the guidance of docent M.Abdullaev, an innovative project on the technology of feeding the wax and based on the technology of gobroabran production on the basis of electrochemical activated water, The state grants are being carried out on the state budget.


Published articles
1. M. Abdullaev, B. Khayitоv D.Yusupov “The study of the normative conditions for the wax moth feeding on the basis of electrochemical activated water of the International Scientific Journal” (International Scientific Journal) 2016
2. B. Khayitov, M. Abdullaev, M.Tursunov The study of the normative conditions of worm-beet feeding on electrochemical activated water. Regional scientific-practical conference under the slogan "XXI century - generation of intellectual generation". Namangan 2016
3. M. Abdullaev, B. Khaitov, M.Soliev The efficiency of electrochemical activated water use in the growth of biological agents in laboratory conditions. "The Role and Significance of Innovative Information and Educational Technologies in Raising Educational Effectiveness" Scientific-Practical Conference. Namangan 2016

Professors and teachers of the department conduct various seminars and competitions, guiding students in the direction of the department of chemistry, training and diploma practice, course and graduation qualification work.

Basic editions

Textbooks and manuals
1. Abdullayev М.Т., Holmirzayev JZ, Hayitov B.A. Vocational education methodology (educational manual) Navruz publishing house Tashkent-2017.
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6. Gafurov K., Shamshidinov I. The theory and technological calculations of mineral fertilizers production. Textbook. - T: 2010.
Basic editions

Educational textbooks

1. Jalalov Kh.R. Colloidal Chemistry: Guidelines. -Namangan: NEPI, 2010.-63 p.
2. Jalalov Kh.R., Nishonboyev А.А. Practical training in physics chemistry: guidelines. -Namangan: NEPI, 2010.-45p.
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