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About the department

The department was established on September 1, 1982. More than 6,000 highly qualified specialists, trained during the activity of the department, are working in various sectors of the national economy, as well as in educational institutions. Currently, 23 professors and teachers are working in the department, 1 of them is a doctor of science, professor, 2 professors, etc., associate professors, 8 candidates of science-associate professors, 8 senior teachers, 7 o It consists of teachers, 3 trainee teachers, a cabinet manager and a laboratory technician. Also, in the department, the master's specialty 5A340201 Construction of buildings and structures (energy-efficient buildings) and 05.09.01 Basic doctoral studies of construction structures, buildings and structures are operating.

   Sufficient conditions have been created in the department for the students and professors studying under the bachelor's degree to effectively use modern information technologies and technical tools. The department has at its disposal a classroom equipped with the latest computers, equipped with video projectors for conducting lectures and practical training based on modern information and pedagogical technologies. Classroom computers are connected to the Internet so that foreign scientists can regularly familiarize themselves with the results of research and literature and articles created by them.

  Talented students have been participating in departmental seminars, scientific-practical conferences held at the institute and republic level with their lectures based on the results of their research work.

  3 professors and teachers of the department returned from scientific internships at Wuhan University of Technology and Chongqing University of the People's Republic of China and Ruse University of Bulgaria named after Angel Kanchev on the basis of agreements concluded with foreign HEIs on the implementation of scientific research works.

  The professors-teachers of the department conduct lectures, practical and laboratory exercises to students on the basis of modern pedagogical and information technologies. methodological instructions and educational methodological sets have been developed. Also, on the basis of the results of scientific research conducted in the department, scientific articles, monographs were published in international and republican journals, and textbooks and training manuals were created.

   By the scientists of the department in 2009-2011 Assoc. Under the leadership of S.J. Razzakov, project work on the topic 16-015 "Preliminary determination of seismic strength of individual residential buildings" was completed. Also Assoc. Under the leadership of S. J. Razzakov, in 2015-2017, the State grant project on the topic "Research of the complex effects of internal and external environments on the strength, earthquake resistance and deformation properties of elements of reinforced concrete structures and structures" has been completed and its results are being put into production. The main essence of the scientific and research work is aimed at solving existing problems such as determining the seismic strength of buildings and structures in the national economy, saving electricity and materials in the preparation of construction materials and products, and achieving fuel and material savings by developing ready-made reinforced concrete products from industrial waste. .

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