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About the department

In 1983, the Department of "Foreign Languages" separated from the Department of "Social Sciences" and started its independent activities. The department was headed by the following in different years: candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor M. Inamova (1983–2000), senior teacher A. Toychiyev (1983–2000), senior teacher S. Abdullayev (2002-2005), philology candidate of sciences, associate professor M. Sobirov (2005-2009), senior teacher S. Sattarov (2010-2015), candidate of philological sciences N. Dosbaeva (2015-2020), since 2020 the department is headed by senior teacher Raimzhanova Nigora Inamzhanovna is doing.

   Currently, 16 professors are working in the department. 1 of them is a doctoral student, 8 are senior teachers, 4 are teachers, and 3 are trainee teachers.

   The professors and teachers of the department are teaching the use of the English language in the field in all technical directions.

Department cooperation

  South Kazakhstan University named after M. Auezov, Osh Technological University of the Kyrgyz Republic, Andijan State University, FerDU, joint research activities have been launched.

  Also, the department is implementing Erasmus+, International credit exchange (KA107), exchange of professors and teachers from the Czech Republic and Uzbekistan.

  Today, the department includes researchers in the fields of cognitive, communicative, computer and experimental linguistics, as well as scientists working in the field of improving the process of teaching languages ​​based on the communicative principle.

Scientific and methodological activities of the department:

The scientific-methodical seminar "The role of communicative competence in higher educational institutions" operates in the department.


Raimzhanova Nigora Inamzhanovna

Reception day: every day (except Sunday): 15.00-17.00.

Phone: 93-493-00-13

E-mail: nigoraraimjanova8@gmail.com

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The composition of the department:

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