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Duty of the office:

Cabinet Department of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated January 12, 1999 No. 12 "On Measures to Strengthen Executive Discipline", dated March 29, 1999 "In State Power and Management Bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan Decisions No. 140 on the approval of regulatory documents on the organization of business administration and executive control, approved by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan on August 28, 2009 No. 11-10 of the ministries, state committees, agencies, etc. In accordance with the Procedure for organizing work with documents and monitoring the state of executive discipline in local associations, their structural and territorial units, the OO'MTV dated February 18, 2015 Order No. 58 "on approval of guidelines" and UzDSt 1157-2008. USD SORD. It operates on the basis of the requirements for the formalization of documents. In the institute, the instruction "On the organization of management and document execution control" was approved by the order of the rector of the institute No. 44 of March 5, 2015. Based on the instructions: - The office carries out organizational and methodical management work with documents in structural divisions; - Executors appointed to ensure the execution of documents are directly responsible for compliance with the part of proceedings that falls within the scope of their obligations; The activities of the office include the reporting and maintenance of the institute's documents in direct cooperation with other departments based on the request. Establishing and carrying out work in the institute, organizing the correct registration and accounting of Board decisions, orders and modems coming from OO'MTV, documents coming from the regional administration and various organizations, the institute control of the execution of tasks of the administration is one of the main tasks of the office department. Receives all the documents received by the department in a timely manner, formalizes them and delivers them to the management of the institute, its constituent parts and executors. In the institute, all letters from OO'MTV and various higher educational institutions are received electronically through the nmpi_info@edu.uz portal. In accordance with the main rules of the office, the department supervises the provision of services related to the work of the institute, its accurate organization. Performs regular control over the timely execution of incoming, outgoing and internal documents submitted to the management of the institute, formalization and dispatch of ordering documents, incoming, outgoing, received and internal documents takes into account receipt, registration, storage and delivers to departments. Also, to prepare collections for submission to the state for preservation, to review all letters and documents coming to the name of the institute, to check the quality of preparation and formalization of all documents submitted for the rector's signature, to develop and implement suggestions for improving the administrative system Department of Internal Control and Monitoring together with control, handling of letters, complaints and applications of individuals and legal entities in accordance with the special instructions and reflection in the generalized work log, determine the departure and return of employees on business trips It controls the use of the special journal of the n form, making notes and orders, as well as the use of the official paper of the institute (firmennaya blanka). The structure of the registry department: registry inspector - Dadabayeva Gulchehra; office manager - Yusupova Umida; office technical operator - Hamidova Kunduzoy;



Akhunjonova Shijoat Abdurashidovna

Phone: (69) 234-14-30.

E-mail: E-mail: axunjanova@umail.uz

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