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About the faculty

    According to the order No. 129-u of the rector of the Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute dated August 21, 2021 "On making changes to the structure of the institute's faculties and departments", the Faculty of "Energy and Labor Protection" was established. , Departments of Labor Protection and Ecology, Physics are attached.
The faculty currently has more than 40 qualified professors and teachers, including: 2 doctors of science, 11 candidates of science, 11 senior teachers, 9 teachers and 10 trainee teachers. they are coming.
    The Faculty of Energy and Labor Protection prepares bachelors in the following 4 fields of study:

60710600-Electricity (Electricity supply)
60711000-Alternative energy sources.
60710400-Ecology and environmental protection (by branches and sectors)
6102022-Labor safety and technical safety (by branches)

   The total number of students at the faculty is 491, 111 of them receive education on the basis of a state grant and 380 on the basis of a payment contract.

Master's specializations


in 2 stages

1. 5A31011 Hydroelectric power stations;

2. 5A310203 Power plants

In step 1

1. 70711001 Alternative energy sources

2. 70710501 Hydroelectric plants





Soliyev Rustam Hakimjonovich

every Monday and Saturday of the week: 9.00-11.00

Phone: 94 681-22-05

E-mail: ilm755@umail.uz

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Nabiyev Bekzod Muhammadumarovich

Reception hours: Thursday of the week: 14:00-17:00

Phone:  +998972543898

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Mannonov Jahangir Adashboyevich

Reception hours: Tuesday of the week: 14:00-17:00


E-mail: jmannonov@mail.ru

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