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About the department

Inamidinova Dilarom Kiramiddinovna - engineer Kurbanova Iroda Ramonovna - secretary "Scientific Department" was established in 1993 to carry out and develop research activities at the Institute. Since 2008, the department is called "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel training department". The main goal of the department is to formulate and plan the topics that are carried out on the basis of the budget and economic contract; - Organizing participation in the selection of scientific projects, collecting proposals and comments on their creation; - Development of the Institute's plan of scientific work and its implementation; - Development of a plan for the practical application of scientific developments as the end of scientific research works; - Drawing up the plan of scientific seminars for the academic year of the institute and supervising its implementation; - Development of normative and methodological documents necessary for the system of scientific work; - Development of methodological guidelines for the use of scientific developments in the institute; - Giving instructions on keeping documents of subjects operating on the basis of the budget and economic contract; - Preparing the annual report on the scientific activity of the Institute and presenting it to the scientific council; - Conducting a statistical analysis of the indicators of the results of scientific and research works; - To control the submission of reports on the implementation of the topics provided with funds to higher organizations. The main tasks: priority development of fundamental research as a basis for creating new knowledge and mastering high technologies, formation and development of scientific schools and leading scientific teams in the most important areas of science and technology; · to ensure the training of highly qualified specialists and highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel based on the latest achievements of scientific and technical development; Organization of scientific and creative research of talented young people, students on a systematic basis, all-round support and development; · effective use of existing scientific potential in the path of radical renewal of production and socio-economic reforms; scientific-technical cooperation with scientific-research, design-construction, technological institutions and industrial enterprises in order to solve important scientific and technical problems, create high technologies and expand the scope of application of the institute's developments to production development of new, advanced forms; · in order to ensure full assimilation of new technologies applied to production enterprises by professors and teachers, and to create a basis for the rapid introduction of the latest achievements of scientific and technical development into education and production ( in particular, by organizing short-term training courses) to improve the qualifications of scientific-pedagogical staff and engineering-technical staff of enterprises; · development of innovative activity in order to create competitive samples of scientific and technical products and new techniques and materials aimed at the high-tech market; · to strengthen and develop the science of the institution, to ensure that scientific teams enter the world market with high technologies, to create conditions for the protection of intellectual property and authors' rights of researchers; international scientific and technical cooperation with leading higher education and scientific research institutions, scientific centers and companies of foreign countries in order to achieve the development of scientific and technical products together with foreign partners in harmony with the world science and education system expansion; · is to develop the financial basis of research and development using extra-budgetary funds and innovative activities. "Scientific Department" was established in 1993 to conduct and develop research activities at the institute. Since 2008, the department is called "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel training department". To launch and publish scientific research works of professors and teachers and students of the department, to organize participation in competitions with scientific and scientific and technical projects in the framework of various programs, on the basis of a state grant and economic contract development of scientific research works; application of scientific research results to production, organization and coordination of scientific research work of the department and scientific laboratories, organization and holding of international and national scientific and practical conferences, establishment and development of international relations, promotion of talented students to Uzbekistan Issues such as organizing and ensuring the participation of the President of the Republic and famous State scholarship contests

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