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About the faculty

The faculty was established based on the order of the Namangan Institute of Engineering and Construction dated August 21, 2021 No. 129 "On making changes to the structure of the institute's faculties and departments", and currently there are 9 undergraduate courses at the faculty direction and students are studying in 4 master's specialties:

1. 5230100-Economy (by industries and sectors),

2. 5230900-Accounting and auditing (by branches);

3. 5341300-Organization and management of communal infrastructure and housing and communal economy.

4. 5230200-Management (by industries and sectors);

5.5232900-Organization and management of production (by industries and sectors,

6.5231900-Corporate management.

7.5610100- Service sector (housing, communal and household services);

8.5340300-City construction and economy,

9.5340300-Organization and management of city construction and communal infrastructure.

 Master's specializations

1. 5A230102 Economy (by industries and sectors)

2.5A230201 Management (by industries and sectors)

3.5A230901 Accounting (by industries and sectors)

4.5A231901 Corporate governance

                                The faculty has 4 departments, which are:
 1. Economy;

2. Management;

3. Uzbek language and literature;

4. Urban planning and communal infrastructure

    Currently, 42 professors (2 doctors of science, 13 candidates of science, 14 senior teachers, 9 teachers and 5 intern-teachers) are working at the faculty. A total of 656 students are studying at the faculty, including 161 on the basis of a state grant and 495 on the basis of a payment contract.




Reception hours: every Monday and Saturday of the week: 9.00-11.00

Phone: (69) 234 13 92

E-mail: mullabayev@mail.ru

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Deputy dean for academic affairs


Reception hours: Thursday of the week: 14:00-17:00

Phone: +998 (69) 234-13-92

E-mail: Ilhomjonsa@mail.ru





Deputy dean for work with youth

Ahmedov Oibek Turgunpolatovich

Reception hours: Tuesday of the week: 14:00-17:00

Phone: +998 (93) 400-81-66

E-mail: ahmedov4008166@gmail.com

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