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Duties of the department

   1. Working with young people, spirituality and enlightenment department in the institute inculcates students with unlimited loyalty to the ideals of national independence, love for the motherland, faith, courage and dedication to the great and noble goal of building a free and prosperous Motherland. organizes, coordinates and supervises spiritual and educational events aimed at educating in the spirit.
  2. Department of work with youth, spirituality and enlightenment: the institute adopts the documents and instructions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan on spiritual and educational issues. delivers to the team on time and ensures the fulfillment of their tasks.
- coordinates and supervises the activities of the deputy deans of the faculty for working with youth and public councils
- organizes spiritual and moral education in student accommodation.
- Ensures delivery of "Information and Coaching Hour" materials to faculties
- Monitors the "Information and Coaching Hour" training sessions.
- Develops proposals and recommendations for improving the activities of the Council of Mentors.
- "Cooperates closely with the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, the Women's Council and various public movements and structures.
- organizes circles, clubs and gatherings for spiritual and educational purposes, coordinates and supervises their activities.

Duties of the department head:

1. Directly supervises the spiritual-ethical, mass-organizational work carried out by the department.
2. Coordinates the plans of spiritual and ethical work organized in the institute and faculties, carries out the work of teaching and documenting their implementation.
3. Organizes the implementation of orders, decisions and instructions issued by the Ministry, local authorities and the rector in the moral and ethical sphere, and prepares and submits the necessary documents on time.
4. Supervises the work of clubs and sports sections organized for students to meaningfully spend their free time at the institute and organizes practical assistance. 5. coordinating the activities of the deputy deans of the faculty for work with youth and the heads of public organizations, directs them towards the main goals.

6. The institute helps to organize various parties, meetings, dialogues, and contests in order to improve moral and spiritual health, to shape the spiritual image of students according to the requirements of the time.

7. Organizes professors and teachers and students to subscribe to newspapers and magazines to cover the life of the institute in the mass media.

8. The institute organizes the preparation of moral and ethical issues considered by the scientific council and ensures the implementation of the council's decisions.

9. Prepares scenarios for the high level of national holidays and historical dates celebrated throughout the year and ensures their performance by artistic amateurs.

10. Prepares the report of the work done in the spiritual and moral sphere within the deadlines and submits it to the leading organizations as requested.

Tasks of a youth worker:

The main tasks of the youth worker are:

1. The youth coordinator directly conducts public, organizational and educational activities among students. Including:

- Controls students' discipline, conduct, behavior;

-Identifies students with difficult and disorderly behavior and works in contact with faculty deans and public organizations to add them to the ranks of active students;

- Organizes group and individual conversations with students and conveys students' suggestions, comments, and objections to responsible leaders;

-Identifies students in need of social protection and prepares proposals for their financial support.

2. They help students to actively participate in regional, city and institute level events.

3. Directs students to express their personal opinions during spiritual and moral events.

4. The institute ensures that the broadcasts of the internal radio network are organized at a high level of content.

Work plan of the department

1. Organizational issues related to systematic coordination of spiritual and educational work.

2. Ensuring the priority of educational work in the preparation of spiritually mature specialists.

3. Spiritual and educational work aimed at increasing general and pedagogical culture in the team.

4. To strengthen cooperation with educational institutions, parents, neighborhoods, state and public organizations on the formation of a person who is loyal to the principles of Uzbekistan's independence and able to make a worthy contribution to the development of society.

5. Methodological support of spiritual and educational work, improvement of the educational and methodological basis of humanitarian and socio-economic sciences

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