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Marion Biotech drug sales temporarily suspended

From December 30, 2022, the sale of all types of medicines produced by the Indian company Marion Biotech and registered in Uzbekistan has been temporarily suspended.

When taking medicine, look at the packaging, if it is "MARION BIOTECH", do not take it, take care of the health of yourself and your loved ones!

The Agency for the Development of the Pharmacy Network also stopped selling DOK-1 MAX syrup 100 ml and DOK-1 tablet No. 10 manufactured by the Indian company Marion Biotech Pvt.Ltd in pharmacies. our country, the remainder of the sale gave instructions to withdraw medicines from pharmacies, and this medicine was quickly collected from the shelves of all pharmacies in our republic.

If any business entity still has these preparations "DOK-1 MAX syrup 100 ml" and "DOK-1 tablet No. 10", this should be immediately reported to the appeals department of the Raladi Pharmacy Network Development Agency.

Dear compatriots!

If you have bought this drug and now have it in your home, do not use it, and if you have witnessed the sale of drugs manufactured by the Indian company Marion Biotech Pvt. Ltd” in pharmacies, regional health, please call the health department or its city and district offices and the hotline number listed below.

Contact phone: 1103

Below is a list of the main products manufactured by the company:

➖ gel "Anasep";

➖ All preparations under the name "Beldomaks";

➖ casula "breveflora";

➖ All drugs called "Doc-1 Max";

➖ capsules "Kuramax Vitalong";

➖ All drugs called Levorex;

➖ Nightforce tablet;

➖ drug "Tergamon-sul";

➖ Travanit tablets;

➖ All drugs called "Ferofort";

➖ All drugs called "Kurazit";

➖ All medicines called "Zero Flu";

➖ All medicines called "Sinepar";

➖ Ambronol syrup;

➖ All drugs called Travamax;

➖ Frakjoin capsules.

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