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About the department

The task of the department of marketing and student practice is: to develop and implement specific strategies for the Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute's operation in the market of educational services, to train personnel in undergraduate majors and master's majors, and to organize the process of assigning them to work to direct the fulfillment of the requirements set by the consumers (employers) to the future specialist and to lead this process, to plan advertising and information and to provide an incentive to promote it, to assign and place graduates to work implementation and timely preparation for the provision of educational services, organization of conclusion of contracts and supervision. The work plan of the Department of Marketing and Student Practice: - Continuously conduct marketing research in the market of educational services, and improve the professional skills (qualifications) of graduates of undergraduate majors and master's majors. study and determine their compliance with the requirements of employers (consumers). - Analysis of changes in the service market conjuncture, which may lead to the emergence of competitive educational services for bachelor's degrees and master's specialties in the republic's economy and social sphere networks, as well as defining new directions of development. - To organize a system of pre-employment of graduates based on the analysis of interactions between various factors (segments) affecting the market and conjuncture of educational services for undergraduate majors and graduate specialties, and make it happen. - Consumers of educational services (employing enterprises, organizations with different forms of ownership - state and local government bodies, state and non-state organizations, etc.), creating a complete data bank by evaluating the structure, determining and grouping their geographical location, and diagnosing potential opportunities. - Creating a database of current year's graduates. - Preparation of proposals for opening new educational (preparatory) areas or specialties, taking into account the development prospects of the economy of the republic and relevant regions (provinces) and social networks, as well as the termination of those that do not meet the requirements of the educational services market, identify a list of undergraduate majors and graduate majors with insufficient employers. - State grants and payment contracts, taking into account the requirements (orders) of employers (enterprises and organizations) for existing educational (preparation) directions or specialties in order to determine student enrollment indicators. formation of current and prospective "portfolio of orders". - Establishing the NamMQI graduates job allocation commission, developing plans (initially determined) for job allocation of graduates in accordance with the real needs of employing institutions, enterprises and organizations by the allocation commission, and conducting the final allocation and its results Compilation and summarization of the personal distribution record of graduates. - a description of the rating and qualifications of each graduate in the undergraduate majors and master's majors necessary for the work of the NamMQI graduate employment commission, a questionnaire about which institution, organization or enterprise the graduates want to work in the results of surveys and preparation of information from employers (consumers) about existing labor and household and cultural conditions, salary amounts in the enterprise or organization. - Preparing, formalizing and handing over to the graduates all the necessary documents related to the assignment of graduates to work and their placement (referral on job posting, decision of the assignment commission, personal assignment record). - To consider the applications received from the young specialists allocated to work by the Allocation Commission and to accept the solution, in necessary and justified cases, to apply to the institute commission to implement the process of redistribution or independent employment. - Full acceptance of job referrals from graduates who have been allocated and placed to work and their distribution or redistribution (including independent employment) and employment in enterprises and organizations according to their specialty complete conclusion about

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