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About the faculty

The faculty was established based on the order of the Namangan Institute of Engineering and Construction dated December 28, 2018 No. 211 "On making changes to the structure of the institute's faculties and departments". students are studying in 3 master's degrees:

60720800-Engineering technology, equipment and automation of engineering production;
60720700-Technological machines and equipment (engineering and metalworking);
60711300-Metrology, standardization and product quality management (by branches) Organization and management of production.

Master's specializations

70720801-Mechanical engineering technology and equipment (in mechanical engineering).
70711302-Metrology standardization and quality control (by Networks)
70721401- Technical maintenance of technological machinery and equipment (by branches)

The faculty has 4 departments, which are:

Mechanical engineering technology;
Technological machines and equipment;
Metrology, standardization;
Higher Mathematics.

Professors and teachers of the faculty published 7 monographs, 10 study guides, 8 textbooks, 5 patents and 135 scientific articles during the academic year. Among them, lecture abstracts were published in 61 foreign scientific journals and 74 national scientific journals, as well as 48 scientific practical conferences. 2 practical, 1 innovation project and 1 commercialization project were implemented. Currently, work is being carried out on 3 innovative projects.

Basic doctoral studies and intern-researchers are working in two specialties:

Technological machines. Robots, mechatronics and robotic systems
Standardization and product quality control.


Currently, 63 (5 doctors of science, 24 candidates of science associate professors, 15 senior teachers and 7 teachers and 13 intern-teachers) professors are working at the faculty. A total of 530 students are studying at the faculty, including 151 on the basis of state grants and 360 on the basis of payment contracts.



Rustamov Rakhmatali Muradovich

every Monday and Saturday of the week: 9.00-11.00

Phone: (69) 234 17 98, (93) 938-49-07

E-mail: rustamov61@umail.uz

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   Madrakhimov Alloberdi Makhamadalievich

 Reception hours: Thursday of the week: 14:00-17:00

Phone:  +998939448620

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   Mamadaliyev Anazhon Ziyodillaevich

 Reception hours: Thursday of the week: 14:00-17:00

Phone:  +99894-155-77-85

 E-mail: Anaskhon@umail.uz

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