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About the department

     The department was established in 1985. Currently, the material and technical base of the department is equipped with universal, special machines and industrial robots controlled by a numerical program.

The department has laboratories for materials science, fundamentals of cutting theory, technological equipment for automated production, machine building technology, automation of production processes and other disciplines. The department has 1 doctor of science, 4 candidates of science, 4 senior teachers and 2 teachers. is doing. They published textbooks on 5 subjects and study guides on 6 subjects. At the same time, they are actively participating in scientific and research work, conducting research on fundamental problems.


Objects of professional activity:

          A bachelor's degree in the field of professional activity acquires a set of efficient production processes and the basics of machine-building industry technology, high-performance model technical equipment, their adjustment methods, methods, and ways.

Types of professional activities

      It is possible to perform the following types of professional activities corresponding to a bachelor's degree in fundamental, general professional and special training.

- production-technological: in the work of a technologist in the shop department, work on the production and application of sample technological processes, calculation-technological cards and control software for technological equipment with SDB, and other work;

in the field of design and construction: processing of nodes and details of technological standard and non-standard equipment, and design of model equipment of measuring instruments, etc.;

in the field of production and management: foreman, senior foreman, engineer, head of enterprise in machine-building industrial enterprises;

in the field of experimental research: conducting experimental studies on sample methodology and others and processing the results.


Opportunities to adapt to related professions

A bachelor's degree can be adapted to the following types of professional activity:

in the field of production and management: foreman, senior foreman, engineer, head of enterprise in machine-building industrial enterprises;

in assembly and adjustment work: planning and execution of work on assembly and adjustment of technological and non-standard equipment in the workshop and others;


in use and maintenance: organization of use, repair and technical service, etc. of standard technological and non-standard equipment in workshop departments;

research: work in research and experimental project institutes and research laboratories.

In the field of education: after additional psychological-pedagogical training, he can study special subjects in vocational colleges. Also, it is possible to continue education for a period of no less than two years in the field of magisterial specialties.


Kenjaboev Shukurjon Sharipovich

every Monday and Saturday of the week: 9.00-11.00



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The composition of the department:

Shermatov Gofurjon Gulomovich


Botirov Abdusattor Gapparovich

Ph.D. associate professor


Abdullayev Kamal Hakimovich

associate professor


Asatillayev Yoldashali Malikovich



Khaidarov Akhmadjon Kambarovich

Senior teacher


Bekmirzayev Shukhrat Bekmirzayevich

Senior teacher


Nishanov Botir Mukhammadjonovich

Senior teacher


Begmatov Dilmurod Karimjonovich

Senior teacher


Davronova Mukhayo Usubzhanovna

Senior teacher


Karimov Bohodir Yusufjanovich

Senior teacher


Mamatrakhimov Olmosbek Abdusalomovich


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