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About the department

       The "Resistance of Materials and Mechanics" department was separated from the "General Engineering Sciences" department in December 1982. The department initially started its work with 3 candidates of science (P. Abdurakhimov, A. Qambarov and N. Turgunov) and 5 assistants (V. Zavistovsky, U. Mamadaliyev, J. Daminov, I. Narzullayev and A. Rakhimov) . Candidate of technical sciences P. Abdurakhimov headed the department until 1992. The team was led by associate professor A. Hakimov in 1994-1999, and professor Sh.S. Yuldashev in 1992-94 and 1999-2013. In 2013-2018, it was managed by associate professor J.A. Daminov. Since 2018, associate professor Yo.K.Tillaboyev has been working as the head of the department.

      Hakimov A.F., Zavistovsky V.E., Alimov H.L., Matkarimov P.J., Daminov J.A., Mahmudov Z.S., Mamadaliyev U.M., Saidov S.M., Sultanov T., Umarkhanov S.I., Boytemirov.M.B., Karabayeva.M.U. and Yuldashev Sh.S., Matkarimov P.J. successfully defended their doctoral theses.

          Currently, the department has 1 doctor of science, 6 candidates of science, 4 senior teachers and 3 trainee teachers, 1 technical staff.

          The teachers of the department provide students with knowledge in "Theoretical Mechanics", "Mechanics", "Technical Mechanics", "Applied Mechanics", "Theoretical Mechanics and Resistance of Materials" and "Construction Mechanics".
          Rooms 107 and 108 of the department are intended for lectures and practical training, room 109 for experimental work and room 105 for conducting practical training. all conditions are created for the transition. Room 108 is equipped with a computer and video projector. This room is equipped with a modern electronic board and the "Teacher" program is loaded on it. The teacher can evaluate 60 students at the same time and quickly analyze the indicators of students' mastery of lessons or midterms, together with working with the electronic board.
         Currently, the teacher at the institute is Professor Sh.S. Yuldashev's scientific school on the specialty "Mechanics of deformable solids" was created. Professor Sh.S. Yuldashev and P.J. It can be seen in the example of 4 state grants that were executed and are being executed under the leadership of Matkarimov.

2007-2011 "Study of propagation of non-steady elastic waves in a non-homogeneous half-space taking into account different screens, experimental determination of the mechanical characteristics of the environment and stress-strain state the fundamental project on research" has been completed. P. J. Matkarimov, S. I. Umarkhanov, J. A. Daminov, S. M. Saidov, U. M. Mamadaliyev, Sh. Jumaboyeva and others participated in the project. The practical recommendations developed on the basis of the obtained results were presented in a convenient form for application to project organizations and scientific-pedagogical activities, and based on the new information received, Sh.S. Yuldashev and P.J. Matkarimov published in 2014 "Rasprostranenie vibratsiy v gruntax ot transportnyx sredstv i vybrozashchitnye sistemy" A monograph was written and published.

       A practical project on the topic "Creation of scientific-practical basis for ensuring seismic safety for the city of Namangan and development of recommendations for reducing damage in possible earthquakes" for 2009-2011 was completed. Project participants J.Jumaboyeva, J.Goyipov, A.A. Bakhodirov and others. Practical recommendations developed on the basis of the obtained results were submitted to the Namangan region emergency management and NamMPI for practical application.

For 2012-2016, the fundamental project on the topic "Dynamic problem of the theory of elasticity - research of the propagation of waves generated by a moving load in a continuous half-space consisting of three-dimensional fragmentary rocks" is up to now done. Project participants P.J. Matkarimov, J.A. Daminov, S.M.Saidov, Sh.Jumaboyeva, M.Nabiyev and others. It is planned to apply the recommendations obtained from the results of the project to the production or scientific-pedagogical process.

P.J. Under the leadership of Matkarimov, the state grant A-14-8+(14-11) for 2015-2017 "Strength of water structures under the influence of seismic force, real physical mechanical characteristics of water structures and elastic-plastic deformation of soil and reinforced concrete construction building and practical research works on the subject of researching the complex effects of internal and external environments on the durability, earthquake resistance and deformation properties of construction elements and long-term durability have been completed.

Among the highly qualified personnel who graduated from the department, they worked in leadership positions for different years


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