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About the department

"Management" department was established in 1991. The average age of the faculty members is 41 years. According to the working plan of the department, the meeting of the department is held on the last Wednesday of every month.

   The number of professors and teachers teaching undergraduates studying in the "Management" field of study: 10 in the main staff unit, 9 in the main staff, their competence is shown in the following picture. Among them: 2 candidates of economics, associate professors, 2 doctors of philosophy (PhD) in economic sciences, 5 senior teachers and teachers work (scientific authority 40 percent).

  The basic information of professors and teachers is provided by the departments of 5231900-Corporate management and 5230200-Management (by industries and sectors) and 5232900-Production organization and management (by industries and industries) suitable for preparation.

Professors and teachers of the department are in the main staff:

Dadaboev Tulkinjon Yusupjonovich - candidate of economic sciences, associate professor

Ismatov Rakhmatilla Oltinovich - candidate of economic sciences, associate professor

Shermatov G'furjon G'ulamovich - candidate of economic sciences, associate professor

Mullabaev Bakhtiyarjon Bulturbaevich - in economics

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Shakirova Gulbakhor Sharipdjanovna is a senior teacher

Karabaev SHukhratjon Akhmadjonovich is a senior teacher

Alabaev Sobitkhan Ibrahimovich is a senior teacher

Adashev Azimjon Orinboevich is a senior teacher

Umarova Gulchekhra Shavkatovna is a senior teacher

Shermatov Eldorjon Kuzievich - teacher

Ergashev Akhmadjon Makhmudjon's son is a teacher

Based on placement:

Ergashev Toshturgun Ergashevych - doctor of economics, professor

Baykhanov Bahadirjon Tursunbaevich - doctor of economics (DSc), professor

Ilhomjon Rahimjonovich Satorov is the head of the regional innovative development department of Namangan region

  Department teachers teach students Economics, Business decision-making, Organizational behavior, Marketing, Microeconomics, Microeconomics, Digital economy, Corporate management theory and practice, Corporate strategies, Company organization and entrepreneurship, International management, Human resource management, Strategic management, Finance Management, Business Planning, Industry Economy and Management, Enterprise Management, Business Document Management, Social Management, Exchange and Fair Management.

   Information about graduates who studied in the field of "Management" and are currently serving in prestigious positions in state administration bodies and various sectors of the national economy:

Abdurazakov Shavkat Shokirdjanovich - Governor of Namangan region

Bazarov Khairullo Hayitbaevich - Governor of Fergana region

Djamalov Gafir Oribzhanovich - Mayor of Namangan city

Abdullaev Jobir Sharibjonovich - Mayor of New Namangan district

Khudoyberdiev Nurshod Nurmamatovich - Mayor of Mingbulok district

Jakhongir Nosirjanovich Rizzaev - Mayor of Uchkurgan district

Najmiddinov Asadulla Ikramovich - Mayor of Yangikurgan district

Nuritdinov Botirjon Kadirkhanovich - deputy governor of Namangan region for issues of tourism, sports, culture, cultural heritage and mass communications

Mamajonov Ravshan - "Coca-Cola Beverage Uzbekistan Ltd." sp - g. Namangan branch director

Ikramov Zafar Shavkatovich - Head of the Secretariat of Economy and Entrepreneurship Issues of Namangan Region Khokimat

Akmal Olimjonovich Dadaboev is the head of the Directorate of Small Industrial Zones of Namangan region

Sardor Rustamovich Parpiev is the head of the Directorate of Free Economic Zones of Namangan Region

Salokhitdinov Fakhriddin - Head of the State Financial Control Department of Namangan region

Satorov Ilkhomjon is the head of the regional innovative development department of Namangan region

Joraev Yodgor Avazbekovich - Head of the Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Inamov Fazliddin Abduolimovich - Head of the Department of Socio-Economic Development of Territories, Ranking and Formation of Programs of the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Makhmudov Akmal - "Namangandon products" JSC

Mamajanov Jakhongir Akhmadjonovich - Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Orifboev Abdullakhan Asadillo son - Head of the Department of International Relations of the Technical Regulatory Agency of Uzbekistan

Otajonov Nadir Sobirov - chairman of the management board of JSC "Uzagrolizing".

Mamadaliev Odiljon Toirovich - Head of the International Cooperation and Information Exchange Department of the Statistics Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan

  The "Management" department is a department specializing in the following bachelor's and master's (full-time, part-time, part-time) courses:


 60411200-Management in the 1st year at the "Management" department (

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