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About the department

The Department of Higher Mathematics was established in 1980, and now it actively participates in the training of skilled engineers in various fields for the development of our Republic. Today, the department has 2 doctors of science, 6 candidates of science, 4 senior teachers, 10 teachers, and 1 cabinet manager.

    The team of the department teaches "Higher mathematics" to students of all educational branches of the institute. Scientific potential is 37 percent. In recent years, professors-teachers of the department have published scientific articles in more than 100 prestigious world journals, as well as 3 monographs, 2 textbooks, and 4 training manuals.

      The department has a scientific school on "Classical and non-classical problems of differential equations", which was established in 2017. The scientific school is headed by Professor Yu. Apakov. More than 10 youth are engaged in scientific activities. So far, 1 candidate of science has been defended (PhD) and 1 doctor of science is about to be defended.

     The department has been actively participating in spiritual and educational events held at the faculty level. In particular, spiritual and educational events are being organized in the attached mahals based on the decision of the President: "One intellectual for one neighborhood".

       Rooms 315 and 321 at the disposal of the department are intended for lectures and rooms 320, 323, 328 are intended for practical training, and the scientific seminar "Classical and non-classical problems of differential equations" is organized in room 318 of the department. , all conditions are created for young people to engage in science.


    In the Department of Higher Mathematics, scientific research is being carried out in the areas of mathematical partial differential equations, probability theory and mathematics teaching methodology.

   Members of the department V. Khodzhibayev, I. Sheraliyev, O. Jurayev conduct research on the theory of probabilities. In 1999, V. Khodzhibayev defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of boundary value problems of probability theory. In 2000-2009, 2017-2018, he was a member of the Joint Specialized Council for the Defense of Doctoral Dissertations at TashSU. He was the opponent of 5 doctoral theses and more than 10 candidate's theses. Under his supervision, 1 candidate's thesis (A. Ataho'jayev, 2010) was defended. More than 30 scientific articles have been published in prestigious foreign scientific journals.

      Among the members of the department are Yu. Apakov, O. Egamberdiyev, Z. Kadirov, N. Turgunov, I. Gafarov, B. Jamalov, B. Irgashev, A. Zorayev, A. Khamitov, D. Melikoziyeva, Sh. Khasanov and H. Ibrokhimov deal with the theory of partial differential equations and their boundary value problems.

     In 2016, as a result of Yu. Apakov's research on the third-order multiple characteristic equation, Ph.D. obtained the academic degree. So far, he has published 192 articles, including 19 impact-factor journals. Yu. Apakov has 220 citations and 10-h-index on Google Scholar, and 52 citations and 4-h-index on Scopus.com.

    B.Yu.Irgashev, a doctoral student of the department, has 62 citations and 5-h-index on the Google scholar site, and 16 citations and 2-h-index on Scopus.com.

       Yu. Apakov and B. Irgashev are members of the scientific council and scientific seminar numbered PhD.03/30.12.2019.FM.05.04 in the presence of Fergana State University.

      Prof. A scientific seminar entitled "Classical and non-classical problems of differential equations and their applications" was organized by Yu. Apakov. At the seminar, the candidate's thesis of U. Moldayarov from OshDU as a leading organization was discussed and reviewed. The seminar will be held on Friday at 2:30 p.m. in room (2/318), and it will be attended by members of the department, doctoral and basic doctoral students, professors and masters of NamSU.

      Under the guidance of Yu.Apakov, A. Jorayev defended his PhD in physics and mathematics in 2020, B. Irgashev is working on his PhD thesis and S. Mamajonov is working on his PhD thesis.

      Research cooperation agreements have been concluded with the "Mathematics and Automation" Scientific Research Institute of the Kabardino-Balkarian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences for 2018-2023, and with Osh State University of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2021-2026, and scientific research is being conducted.

       Sh.Karimova, Kh.Polatova and A.Rakhmonov, members of the department, are conducting research on mathematics teaching methodology.

Printed textbooks, study guides and monographs


1. Yu.P. Apakov, B.I. Jamalov, A.M. Tokhtaboev "Examples and problems from higher mathematics" Vol. 1-2. (Permit to publish educational literature: No. 676-011, Oliy v

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