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Educational methodological department

Information about the activity of the board:

The educational and methodological board is a structure that manages the educational process, which aims to implement the tasks specified in the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and the State Education Standards, and on the basis of this, it carries out activities.

The educational and methodological department has the authority to improve the educational process of the institute based on the achievements of advanced science, to provide basic educational documents, and to summarize the advanced achievements of faculties and departments in educational work.

The educational and methodological department pays great attention to the inclusion of all necessary subjects in the educational process for students to develop into mature, qualified specialists at the level of modern requirements.

The tasks of the educational and methodological department are defined as follows:

Improving the educational process of the institute based on the achievements of advanced science, providing the structures of the institute with state educational standards and basic educational documents;

Planning and organizing the educational process at the institute;

Coordination of educational, educational and methodological work of the institute's faculties and departments;

Continuous improvement of normative-methodical documents in the management of the educational process;

Development of prospective plans for the development of the institute's education and recommendation to the institute's Council;

Summarizing the advanced achievements of the institute's faculties, departments and structures in educational work and applying them to the educational process of the institute;

Implementation of the new REGULATION on the system of monitoring and evaluating students' knowledge;

Forming a professional development plan for professors and teachers;

Analysis of student attendance;

To ensure that the professors and students of the institute observe the academic discipline;

Organization and analysis of types of supervision in all faculties and master's degrees in the institute;

Ensuring the maintenance of basic work documents in departments and deaneries;

Preparation of documents for the establishment of the staff table in the institute, control over the implementation of educational workloads;

Registration of documents of substitute and part-time teachers, organization and coordination of distribution of part-time lesson fund;

Studying the activities of the institute's faculties and departments on educational issues;

Organization of the selection of professors and teachers;

Introduction of advanced foreign experiences into the educational process;

Organization of practices and provision of methodological manuals;

Educational and methodological coordination of academic lyceum activities;

Participation in the organization of educational processes in technical schools of the institute;

Head, deputy head, supervisor, credit sector, inspector, dispatchers work in the educational and methodological department.


The board provides the following types of activities:

Selection and placement of personnel;

Assigning tasks to personnel according to the division of labor and monitoring their performance;

Organization of theoretical study, attestations, qualification practices, YADA, BMI and MDs in educational areas and specializations according to the schedule of the educational process;

Determining and confirming the teaching load and staffing of the departments;

Analyzing the existence of educational normative documents in educational areas and specialties;

Timely dispatch of trainees to the regional network and BIMM according to the retraining and professional development plan;

Organization and control of open lectures;

Implementation of the requirements set out in the orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, decisions of the board into the educational process and providing answers to modemograms within the specified time limits;

Preparation of the draft order of the rector on matters related to the educational process;

Fulfilling the instructions given by the rector of the institute and the vice-rector of educational affairs in due time;

Formation of working study plans based on non-manuscript study plans;

Preparation of working study plans of the deanery based on working study plans and formalization in established order;

Development of the schedule of the educational process, making proposals for additions and changes;

Strict adherence to the requirements of clauses 1-17 of the rules for determining the study load of the departments, the time standards for calculating the study load of professors and teachers according to the types of work;

Determining the academic load of the departments, controlling the completion of personal work plans in accordance with the requirements of the rules for determining the teaching-methodical, scientific-research, "mentor-student" work of professors and teachers

Forming a staff unit of the institute and preparing a draft order of the rector based on the teaching load of the departments;

Preparation of the draft of the Rector's order and the Council's decision on elective subjects;

Analyze the vacant (empty) state unit and make an offer to fill it;

The department responsible for the educational direction is the educational methodical support of the subjects

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