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SDG. inform and supporting in local climate change

"November 1 - Day of neutralization of carbon dioxide emissions in accordance with the protocols on greenhouse gases" in the institute.
On November 1, 2021, in connection with the day "November 1 - carbon neutralization in accordance with the protocols of greenhouse gases", seminar-training activities on the greenhouse effect were held for students of the field of labor protection and technical safety. At the event, the students were informed that the greenhouse effect is intensifying due to the emission of CO₂ by human activity, and that this indicator is increasing as a result of measuring the level of CO₂ in the atmosphere, which has been carried out since 1959 It was also mentioned that since the beginning of the century, the average temperature on earth has increased by 0.75 degrees, and although this indicator seems small, at one time a difference of 4 degrees brought the earth to the ice age. It was explained and emphasized to the students that CO₂ should be reduced by 70%.




Vice-rector for Academic Affairs: Q. Inoyatov

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