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SDG. 2.3.1. Programme in place on student food insecurity 1

In connection with the implementation of the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PQ-92 of January 19, 2022, on March 15, 2021, at the Faculty of Transport of the Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute, under the slogan “Tradition, value, and youth”, Sumalak Sayli and Pilaf competition was held. The day, which started in a high spirit, was connected to various controversial and contentious debates. Chess, checkers, and running competitions were held during the project. Professor B. Mahmudov, Dean of the Faculty of Transport, G Tukhliyev, Deputy Dean of Youth opened the ceremony. 


Among more than 25 groups of the faculty, the pilaf in 25 pots was prepared according to the region where the participants of the competition live. More than 20 kg of sumalak was cooked. A live concert program “Around the Bonfire” was held in the evening. The dean of the faculty, Bakhriddin Makhmudov, wished good luck to all the participants, G. Tukhliyev, the head of the department of General engineering sciences D. Abduvakhobov, the associate professor of the department J. Muhammedov and the tutors evaluated the participants fairly. 


According to the final conclusions of the judges, the students of the group 17-TVM-21 took the 1st place, 2nd place is for group 15-TVM-21, 3rd place was taken by the students of the group 24-YHTE-21. Diplomas and gifts  were awarded to the participants who took these honorable places.   


Vice-rector for youth affairs and 

spiritual and educational affairs:                                O.Jakbarov 

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