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About the department

Decision No. 14 of the Council of the Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute held in July 2021 and the order of the rector of the institute No. 129 of August 21, 2021 "On making changes to the structure of the institute's faculties and departments" "Urban Planning and Communal Infrastructure Management" department was established. The department prepares bachelors in the field of study 60730200 - CITY construction and organization and management of communal infrastructure. 6 professors and teachers are working in the department. 2 of them are associate professors, 2 are senior teachers, and 2 are teachers. General scientific researches of the department are carried out within the framework of the topic "Problems of urban planning and improvement of management of communal infrastructure". In order to implement mutual cooperation between education, science and production in order to train highly educated specialists at the level of modern international standards, the department cooperates with the Namangan Region Construction Department, Namangan Region Housing and Communal Services Department, "Uzbekistan Geoinformation and urban development cadastre project verification institute" State unitary enterprise Namangan branch, regional control inspection in the field of construction of Namangan region, "Arkhdizaynloyiha" LLC, "ARHIMAX" LLC established cooperation with such enterprises and organizations.





Isakov Musokhan Yusupdjanovich

every Monday and Saturday of the week: 9.00-11.00

Phone: 90 973-62-52

E-mail: isakovmuso@gmail.com

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The composition of the department:


Isakov Musokhan Yusupdjanovich

E-mail: isakovmuso@gmail.com

In 1992, he graduated from the Namangan Institute of Industry and Technology, majoring in industrial and civil construction. Until 1996, he was an assistant and researcher at the Department of Economics of the Namangan Institute of Industry and Technology, from 1995 to 2020. - Worked as a graduate student, assistant and associate professor of Network Economics Department of Tashkent State University of Economics. In 2020-2021, he is an associate professor of the "Economics" department of the Namangan Institute of Engineering and Construction, and from September 2021, he is the head of the "Urban Planning and Communal Infrastructure Management" department. In 2002, he received the scientific degree of candidate of economic sciences, and in 2006, he received the scientific title of associate professor. The direction of research work is "Efficiency of construction activities and development of entrepreneurship in the field. Author of 5 training manuals, 4 monographs and more than 80 scientific articles.



Buzrukov Zakiryo Sattikhodjaevich

E-mail: zsbuzrukov@mail.ru

In 1984, he graduated from the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute with honors and obtained the specialty of construction engineer. Since 1986, he worked as a laboratory technician and assistant at the Namangan branch of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute. In 1989-1992, he studied at the full-time boarding school of Tash'I and in 1993 he defended his candidate's thesis. After the dissertation defense, he worked as an assistant, senior teacher, associate professor, head of the educational and methodological department and rector at the Namangan Institute of Engineering and Pedagogy. Z. Buzrukov is the author of more than 160 scientific and methodological works. During the past period, he published 1 textbook and 4 training manuals.




Abdurahmanov Adhamjon Sultanboevich

Email: adick0377@gmail.com

2003-2007 - Student of Namangan Engineering-Pedagogical Institute. 2007-2009 - Graduate student of Namangan Institute of Engineering and Pedagogy. 2009-2012 - Assistant of Namangan Institute of Engineering and Pedagogy. 2017-2020 - Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute 05.09.01 - basic doctoral student in the field of construction structures, buildings and structures. 2021.h.v.- Senior teacher of Namangan Engineering and Construction Institute. The topic of the scientific work is "Evaluation of the strength of the elements of heat-resistant flat constructions with local raw materials under the influence of one-sided high temperature". Author of more than 10 scientific articles, more than 30 theses.



Khatamova Durdona Madaminovna

E-mail: khatamovadurdona0@gmail.com

2001-2005 - Student of Namangan Institute of Engineering and Pedagogy. 2009-2011 - Master's student of Namangan Engineering-Pedagogical Institute. 2011-2012 Methodist of Namangan Engineering-Pedagogical Institute academic lyceum and vocational college department. 2012-2017 - Assistant of Namangan Institute of Engineering and Pedagogy. 2017- Senior teacher of Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute. The topic of the scientific work is "Architecture of historical baths of Namangan Region (Traditionality and modernity)". Author of more than 15 scientific articles, more than 40 theses.



Yakubov is the son of Alimardon Abduga'or

E-mail: architectmardon@gmail.uz

In 2018, he graduated from the Namangan Institute of Engineering and Construction with honors and received a degree in technical engineering. 2018-2020 at the Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Construction

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