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Great news for students!

The most prestigious educational center of Tashkent "Registon" signed a mutual memorandum with the Namangan Engineering and Construction Institute in order to create conditions for in-depth study of foreign languages ​​by young people.

You can learn English, Russian, Turkish and Korean at the Registon training center at special discounts.

Classes are conducted by professional qualified teachers based on the most modern methods.

Special privileges are granted to students of the institute.

You will be able to take IELTS exams in Namangan!!!

You will have the opportunity to study foreign languages ​​at the Registan Educational Center and study for a master's degree at a prestigious world university.

These benefits are just a drop in the ocean.

For reference:
 — 936042700
 — 909222700
 — Application via Telegram

Address: 3-4 floors of the Dunyo shopping center opposite the Sardoba market

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