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Training courses are organized for students with a monthly stipend

The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on "Measures to organize preparatory training courses for Mirzo Ulugbek's successors" was adopted.

Training courses are organized in the following areas:

- use of information technologies and communications (initial);

- mathematical statistics;

- basics of algorithmization;

- data processing;

- programming languages (Phthon);

- English language;

- decision-making bases.

- Training courses can be organized in teamwork and other areas.

In the first academic year, at least 60 trainees will be accepted, and the number of trainees will be increased in the following years based on the need.

Education is organized for a period of 34 weeks according to the educational program based on "Blending learning - mixed educational technology".

Students who have successfully completed the 2nd year (with no academic debt) at the bachelor's level of the republic's state higher education institutions (in all forms of education) can participate in the first year of the competition to study in these courses.

Students admitted to these training courses in the regions of the republic will be transferred to state HEIs located in the city of Tashkent for a period of one year on the basis of academic mobility.

Students (listeners) admitted to training courses:

- will be encouraged once a month in the amount of four times the BHM (1 million 320 thousand soums) during his studies in these educational courses;

- accommodation is provided or a part of the rent is covered in accordance with the procedure established by the state HEIs in the areas where the main place of study is;

- will be provided with hot food once during the study;

- necessary computer equipment (laptop, etc.) is provided for the duration of education;

- participation in internships in IT-park resident organizations is ensured;

- Students who have successfully completed the training courses will be awarded a state model certificate in the relevant field, approved by the "Ulugbek" Foundation for the Support of Talented Youth and Inkha University in Tashkent.

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