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About the department

     According to the order of the rector of the Namangan Engineering and Pedagogical Institute of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the "Technological machines and equipment" department was established in 1999 at the "Mechanical engineering technology" department.

    The department of technological machinery and equipment is the main department of the institute, which supplies highly qualified personnel for the machine-building complex of the national economy.

  More than 2,000 specialists have been trained during the department's many years of activity. Most of them have been working in the positions of managers and leading specialists in machine-building enterprises of our Republic.

     A number of our personnel are successfully working in the state management system and joint enterprises.



     Today, our department works in cooperation with a number of large production enterprises, including Namangan mash JSC, Mex MASH LLC, Namangan agro Mash, Non-standard production enterprise, Namangan light devices, joint enterprise of own NPO "Elektroterm", Andijan mechanical plant Permanent relations with Toragorgan branches have been established.


    Educational processes are organized on the basis of state educational standards that meet world requirements. The main goal of professors-teachers is to provide deep and solid knowledge to future specialists, to form loyalty to the ideals of national independence, love for the Motherland, science and technology. and development of technologies, increasing the efficiency of scientific research, effective use of the analysis process of the obtained results, introduction of new pedagogical and informational technologies into teaching practice. Today, in order to ensure quality education of students, a training-practical workshop equipped with the most modern laboratory equipment has been established at the department.



Over the past years, professors and teachers have obtained 5 monographs, 1 textbook, 8 educational and methodological manuals, author's licenses for more than 10 inventions, and published articles in more than 100 national and foreign magazines. . Starting from 2021, the Ministry of Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan is implementing 2 state grants totaling 1.1 billion soums (A-OT-2021-152, T-OT-2021-178) for the purpose of commercializing innovative projects and scientific developments. .


5320300 – Technological machinery and equipment.

5A321501-Bachelors and masters are being trained in the specialties of technical maintenance of technological machines and equipment.



Mansurov Mukhtarjon Takhirjonovich

Reception day: every Monday and Saturday of the week: 9.00-11.00

Phone: (94) 159 81 06

E-mail: m_mansurov_1978@mail.ru

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The composition of the department:

Mansurov Mukhtarjon Takhirjonovich

E-mail: m_mansurov_1978@mail.ru

"Technological Machines and Equipment" Department Ph.D. associate professor, has been working in this department since 2020 as the head of the department. Graduated from the Namangan Engineering and Pedagogical Institute with a degree in Mechanical Engineering on Agricultural Mechanization. The author of a number of scientific and methodological works, the leader of the commercialization project T-OT-2021-178 within the framework of state programs for 2021 on the topic "Comprehensive chisel cultivator for farmers and peasant farms" and in 2021 T-OT-2021 -1152-Leading innovative projects on the topic "Creation of the perfected construction of a multi-functional peanut harvester (digging, de-stemming, sorting and loading)", author of a series of monographs. scientific and technical solutions of aggregating tillage machines and the scientific foundations of ensuring the stability of working depth of soil tillage machines, a member of the Scientific Council numbered PhD.03/30.12.2019.T.90.01 in the presence of Namangan Engineering and Construction Institute.



Payziyev Gaybulla Kadyrovich

E-mail: gpayziyev@gmail.com

Associate Professor of the Department of "Technological Machines and Equipment", graduated from Tashkent Polytechnic Institute, author of more than 80 scientific articles, more than 40 educational methodical developments, more than 1 training manual.






Otakhanov Bakhrom Sadirdinovich

E-mail: bahromo1001@gmail.com

Associate Professor of the Department of "Technological Machines and Equipment", graduated from the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute, author of more than 120 scientific articles, more than 80 educational methodical developments, more than 2 training manuals.







Abdulkhayev Khurshed Gafurovich

E-mail: ax_stajyor@mail.r

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