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About the department

   At the heart of the large-scale reforms, social, economic, political, spiritual, educational, cultural and other spheres and renewals that are being carried out in our country today, the real meaning of our life is the goal of creating a well-rounded lifestyle for our children.

   Effective use of automated information systems and technologies and their purposeful and optimal use in production practice, not only in the process of education and training, but also in scientific production and industry, construction, energy, transport, and many other fields "Information technologies in technical systems ” is one of the priority tasks of the team of the department.

  The department "Information technologies in technical systems" was established in 1984 on the basis of the department "Computing techniques". Since then, it has been contributing to the training of highly qualified, competitive, mature personnel who have mastered modern information systems and technologies in various fields and directions of our society.

  A total of 11 professors and teachers are working in the department. Among them, 2 are professors and teachers with the scientific degree of PhD and the title of associate professor, 1 is a PhD, 4 are senior teachers, 2 are teachers and 2 are trainee teachers.



Activities of the department

Today, professors-teachers of the "AT in Technical Systems" department are conducting lectures, practical and experimental classes on the following subjects:

I. At the undergraduate stage:

1. Information communication technologies and systems in economics;

2. Information technologies in construction;

3. Information technologies in technical systems;

4. Mathematical modeling of information technologies and processes;

5. Information technologies in management systems;

6. Computer design;

7. Information technologies;

8. Use of information technology in industry.

II. At the Master's level:

1. Advanced statistics and data analysis;

2. Structured and object-oriented programming using MATLAB and PYTHON programs.

 Educational and methodological works

  The professors and teachers of the department prepare textbooks, training manuals, teaching-methodical sets, methodical manuals and instructions, as well as educational programs, video lessons for classes. it is widely applied to lectures, practical and experimental classes. The available electronic educational materials are posted on the YOUTUBE channel of the department, and students can use them directly through this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpzJahOe5BCipBTmHqbmYcQ/.


Scientific works and Scientific-innovative activity

Professors and teachers of the department have published more than 10 scientific articles in scientific journals based on Web of Science and Scopus, more than 25 in internationally prestigious scientific journals, and more than 40 scientific articles in republican scientific journals.

In addition, more than 10 monographs have been published by professors and teachers of the department. The "IT in technical systems" department has cooperation relations in the scientific and innovative direction with the following HEIs and scientific research institutes:


Institute of Seismic Strength of Mechanics and Structures of RFA;
Tashkent University of Information Technologies;
Tashkent State Transport University;
Research Institute for the Development of Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence;

Talented students work

Tasks such as working with talented students, directing them to scientific research, and regularly dealing with talented young people based on the "Master-Apprentice" system are one of the main directions in the scientific-pedagogical activity of the professors of the department.

A number of activities are being carried out to attract talented students to scientific and research work, including science Olympiads, various competitions, local and international scientific and practical conferences, scientific and innovative fairs and StartUP projects.

Spiritual and educational work of the department

Spiritual-educational, educational work is one of the current directions of activity of the team of the "IT in Technical Systems" department. The team of the department is carrying out systematic work based on the plans of spiritual and educational activities and cultural events.

The activities specified in the plan, their essence, are aimed at such goals as instilling in students love for the Motherland, preserving our national values, treating them with respect, educating young people in the spirit of humanity, preserving the environment and the property of the institute, and dressing culture.

Seminars and meetings in the social, political, cultural and educational spheres, as well as events scheduled in accordance with the department's spiritual and educational work plan, are regularly held at a high level on time.




Also, the academic lyceum of the department and

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