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The deadline for payment of contract funds was extended until June 10

Taking into account the appeals of the majority of entrants and their parents and rectors of higher education institutions, the State Commission, with the relevant statement, the deadline for the transfer of tuition fees for certain categories of students and formalization of admission to the ranks of students is 2023 June 10 of the year (the same day).

This period applies to the following who are studying in the bachelor's education fields and master's specialties:

  • entrants recommended for studentship on the basis of a differentiated payment contract, including a payment contract (1st courses);
  • the reading is copied (copied and restored);
  • and for reinstated students.

The deadline has been extended to June 10 for applicants recommended to study at colleges and technical schools (students of the 1st stage) (the payment of those who paid their contract after March 15, 2023 will also be taken into account).

The extension of the contract payment period for students of the upper level (2nd year and above) is authorized by the rectors (directors) of the Higher Education Institutions.

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