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About the faculty

  The Faculty of Transport of the Namangan Engineering and Construction Institute was established in September 2017 and has been operating since October 14, 2019 under the current structure. Currently, nine undergraduate and six master's majors are studying at the faculty:


1. 60712400-Automotive and tractor construction;

2. 60712500-Vehicle engineering (vehicle transport);

3. 60810100-Mechanization of agriculture;

4. 61040100-Transport logistics (vehicle transport);

5. 61040300-Organization of traffic.

  II course

6. 5310500-Automotive and tractor construction;

7. 5310600-Vehicle engineering (automobile transport);

8. 5310600-Vehicle engineering (land transport systems and their operation);

9. 5430100-Mechanization of agriculture;

10. 5620100-Transport logistics (vehicle transport);

11. 5620400-Organization of traffic.

  III course

12. 5310600-Ground transport systems and their operation (road transport);

13. 5620100-Transport organization and transport logistics (motor transport).

  IV course.

1. 5310600-Ground transport systems and their operation (vehicle transport);

2. 5310600-Ground transport systems and their operation (Tractors and agricultural machines);

3. 5610100-Service sector (vehicle transport);

4. 5620100-Transport organization and transport logistics (motor transport).

Master's specializations:

1. 70712504-Cars and automobile industry;

2. 70712501-Erusti vehicles and systems (by types of transport);

3. 71040301-Traffic safety and its organization (by types of transport);

4. 70810101-Mechanization of agriculture;

5. 71040101-Transport logistics (on road transport);

6. 70720701-Machine science.

The faculty operates 4 departments:

1) Vehicle engineering;

2) Transport logistics;

3) General technical sciences;

4) Departments of foreign languages.

   3 doctors of science, 20 candidates of science, 15 senior teachers, 17 teachers and trainee teachers, 55 professors-teachers are working in these departments. A total of 924 students are studying at the faculty, including 191 on the basis of state grants and 733 on the basis of payment contracts. The following scientific research works are being carried out on the basis of the practical and innovative state grant for 2021-2022:

1. N. Boyboboev. Design of a small-scale potato digger for farmers and ranchers.

2. A. Umurzakov. Micro HPP device used in low pressure flows.

3. V. Turdaliev. Development of a seeding machine for planting small-seeded vegetable crops.

4. A. Normirzaev MRB-2021-542-"Development of new magnetic materials and methods for the production of magnetoconductors and the basis for the construction of experimental prototypes of mini-electric transport"

Professors and teachers of the faculty published 5 monographs, 3 textbooks, 153 scientific articles during the academic year. Among them, abstracts were published in 66 foreign scientific journals and 32 national scientific journals and 75 scientific practical conferences.




Mahmudov Bahriddin Jorayevich

Reception hours: Mondays and Saturdays of the week: 14:00-17:00

Phone:  +998912810002

E-mail: bjmahmudov.nammqi@umail.uz

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Tukhliyev Gayratali Akhmadaliyevych

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Bannayev Kasimjon Kadirjonovich

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Khamzayev Asrorkhan Akmalkhanovich

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Phone: +998 94 953 50 08

E-mail: asrorhon1983@umail.uz

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