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In 1985, the Department of General Technical Sciences was separated from the "Technical Sciences" department under the Namangan branch of Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University (former Tashkent Polytechnic Institute) as the "Theory of Machines and Mechanisms and Machine Details" department. From September 1995, the institute was named after the "General Engineering Sciences" department by the decision of the Council of Scientists. In 2013, it was transferred to the Department of Vocational Education (agricultural mechanization), and by the order of the rector of the institute on January 14, 2019, it was re-established as the Department of "General Technical Sciences". A. Kambarov in 1985-1990, N. Sotvoldiyev in 1990-1995, J. Mukhamedov in 1996-2006, Z.S. Makhmudov in 2006, A. Kh. Umurzakov in 2006-2012, M. T. Mansurov in 2012-2013, and V. M. Turdaliyev in 2019. since December 10, 2019, D.A. Abduvakhabov has been working as the head of the department. During the past period, many professors and teachers contributed to its development as members of the department. In particular, professors: N. Bayboboyev, Q. Imamkulov, associate professors: SH. Khalilov, B. Isokhodjayev, K. Abdullayev, J. Kholmirzayev, Z. Abdukakharov, U. Meliboyev, N. Komilov, Ye. Tadayeva, A. Bobomatov, teachers: R. Kambarov, M. Isomiddinov, Sh.


            The Department of "General Technical Sciences" conducts 6 subjects for undergraduate education and 8 subjects for master's degrees for all faculties of the institute.

1. Undergraduate courses: Theory of machines and mechanisms; Machine details; Mechanics; Technical mechanics; Drawing geometry and engineering graphics; Engineering graphics and computer-aided design; Engineering and computer graphics

2. Master's degrees: Patent studies, licensing and certification; Kinematic analysis of machines and mechanisms; Fundamentals of machine calculation and construction; Basics of technical diagnostics and research of network machines; Vibration in machines and mechanisms and protection against it; Alternative design of machines in EHM; Scientific research methodology; Robots and manipulators, lifting and transporting equipment; Variable transmission ratio mechanisms; Theory of machine units. Since 1985, a scientific school has been created by the professor of the department, J. Mukhamedov, and during the past period, the department trained 5 doctors of science and 15 candidates of science and PhD doctors. Currently, 2 doctors of science, 6 candidates of science and PhD doctors, 5 teachers and 2 technical staff are working in the department. During these years, the department received more than 60 author's certificates and more than 15 patents of Independent Uzbekistan. 5 monographs and more than 220 scientific articles were published in central scientific journals. More than 30 new mechanisms have been created and approved by copyright and patents.


Abduvakhabov Dilshad Abduvakhidovich

Reception day: every day (except Sunday): 15.00-17.00.

Phone: 97 707 18 25


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Department tracking:

Abduvakhabov Dilshad Abduvakhidovich

E-mail: d.a.abduvahobov@gmail.com

Born in Pop district in 1984. Doctor of philosophy (PhD) in technical sciences, associate professor. In 2007, he graduated from the Namangan Engineering-Pedagogical Institute (full-time) with the specialty "Vocational Education, Mechanization of Agriculture". He has been working at the institute since 2007. Author of more than 120 scientific and methodological works.





Mukhamedov Jabirkhan

E-mail: j_m_mukhamedov@umail.uz

     Born in 1946 in the city of Namangan. Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor. In 1969, he graduated from the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute (full-time), majoring in "Chemical Production Machines and Apparatus". He has been working at the institute since 1982. Author of more than 250 scientific and methodological works.




Abdurahmanov Sherzod

E-mail: sh.abdurakhmonov@umail.uz

Born in Pop district in 1947. Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor. In 1968, he graduated from the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute (full-time) specializing in painting and drawing teacher. He has been working at the institute since 1979. Author of more than 200 scientific and methodological works.




Umurzakov Akramjon Khakimovich

E-mail: umurzakov1963@mail.ru

He was born in Chortoq district in 1963. Doctor of Technical Sciences (DSc), Associate Professor. In 1985, he graduated from the Namangan branch of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute (full-time), specializing in "Mechanization of Hydromelioration Works". He has been working at the institute since 1992. Author of more than 200 scientific and methodological works.





Turdaliyev Vokhidjon Maksudovich

E-mail: vox111781@mail.ru

 Born in Pop district in 1981. Doctor of Technical Sciences (DSc

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