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II Collection of materials of the republican scientific-practical conference on the topic "Actual issues of the development of the economy of new Uzbekistan"

In the conditions of economic liberalization, investment processes should be focused on increasing the competitiveness of the national economy, increasing the efficiency of production in the regions and at enterprises. Their implementation will ensure the rapid growth of the gross domestic product, the increase in employment and the well-being of the population. Therefore, in 2022-2026, the activities carried out in the priority areas of the Development Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in addition to setting long-term fundamental goals, also determine the means and ways to achieve these goals, including. Among them, the most important is the transfer of production to the basis of modern technologies and the constant improvement of its efficiency.

The modernization of the economy carried out in our country is primarily based on real investment processes and requires a large amount of investment resources. At the same time, it will be necessary to effectively and harmoniously use internal and external sources of investment financing, at the same time, to ensure the investment activity of business entities and entrepreneurs in every possible way. In our country, an active policy of expanding real investment in all sectors of the economy and the implementation of important measures are yielding positive results in this regard.


What is now required is that high gross domestic product growth and strong macroeconomic performance be achieved mainly through major structural changes and improved production efficiency. The economic strategy being implemented in the country includes not only setting long-term fundamental goals, but also determining the means and ways to achieve these goals. Among them, the most important is the transfer of production to the basis of modern technologies and the constant improvement of its efficiency.

Since the state creates an innovative environment, it determines the legal framework and norms for the implementation of innovative activities. Creating a favorable innovation environment requires the establishment of certain benefits for participants in the innovation process, partial compensation for excess costs in the development of new equipment and technologies, soft loans for the implementation of innovation and investment projects, and the creation of an innovative risk insurance system. For example, a reduction in tax rates for microfirms and small businesses in 2022 will serve to expand the investment activities of business entities. As a result of this, the possibilities of directing funds, first of all, to the technological renewal of production and the introduction of modern equipment, have expanded.

Conference. PART 2

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