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SDG. 11.3.2 Institute expenditure on arts and heritage

University expenditure on arts and heritage

In recent years, it has been aimed at the further development of national culture in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the creation of a new history of the new Uzbekistan, the preservation and promotion of tangible and intangible cultural heritage masterpieces, the popularization of folk art and amateur art, the active integration of our country into the world cultural space, and the innovative development of culture and art. systematic measures were implemented.

By the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PQ-4038 dated November 28, 2018, the concept of further development of national culture in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the "roadmap" for its implementation were approved. By launching the activity of "clubs of friends" of culture and art organizations, a completely new effective system was created to support them in every way, to strengthen the material and technical base. The program of renovation of museums was adopted. was included in the representative list of intangible cultural heritage. National school for restoration of cultural heritage objects and art objects, as well as republican competitions in the fields of folk instruments, national dance, status were restored. The International Status Art Conference, the International Festival of Giving Art, the International Music Festival "Sharq Taronalari", the "Great Silk Road" International Folklore Festival, and the "Magic of Dance" International Festival are organized in our country, and unique examples and traditions of Uzbek classical and folk art are organized in our country. and an effective system for the further development of cultural communication was established.

Visits to the theater, museum, mobile circus and zoo were organized in order to improve the level of cultural recreation services for professors, teachers, workers and students of the institute. Public-cultural and concert-spectacle events are held at the initiative of the institute. They regularly go to theaters to watch dramatic, musical and musical-dramatic works.



Vice-rector for Financial Affairs:                                                            P.Karaev


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