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SDG. 15.2.2 Policies to ensure that food on campus

The student’s body has its own characteristics depending on age, educational process and living conditions. Young people have physiological processes that have not yet been formed, primarily the neurohumoral system, and they are sensitive to nutritional imbalances. The change in the diet of students from rural areas to big cities has a negative effect on their body. Because of this, there are more plant products in the food ration in the village. An increase in sausages, high-grade flour products in it leads to a decrease in bowel movements and constipation. Due to the fact that many students break their eating habits during their studies, they develop a disease of the digestive system, which is called "youth disease". In the garden of the Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute, several types of vegetable crops have been planted for students to eat. Crops are grown on the basis of drip irrigation technology.


Vice-rector for youth, 

spiritual and educational affairs:                                                    O.Jakbarov


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