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SDG. 15.4.1 Upholding water quality in order to protect ecosystems

Students' visit to Kyzilrovot drinking water treatment plant of Namangan region.

With the increase of the population in our country, the demand for drinking water is increasing day by day. As stated in a number of Decrees and Decisions on the program of comprehensive development and modernization of drinking water supply and sewage systems in the Republic of Uzbekistan, a number of problems related to the provision of quality drinking water to the majority of population centers have not yet been resolved. In order to solve the above problems, it is an important scientific and practical issue to develop effective options for devices in pressure networks in water drainage systems with high technical and economic indicators. The water supply system is a set of interconnected engineering structures and devices that serve to extract natural water from the source, purify it, neutralize it and continuously deliver it to consumers under the required pressure with the help of pump units. Water transmission and distribution networks, in turn, are divided into the following: mains, longitudinal, group or district water supply networks and residential water supply networks.

Vice-rector for youth, 

spiritual and educational affairs:                                                    O.Jakbarov

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