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SDG. 2.5.2 Providing events for local farmers to transfer knowledge

Providing events for local farmers to transfer knowledge

Ismatullayev Kahramon Kodirjonovich, a basic doctoral student of the Department of General Technical Sciences of the Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute, under the scientific supervision of the department professor J. Mukhamedov, based on the results of the dissertation work on the topic of "Improving the construction of rotary soil-cultivating mechanisms" was taken out for testing under the conditions. During the experiment, the head of the department D. Abduvahobov, professors of the department J. Mukhamedov and V. Turdaliyev, PhD E. Abdunazarov and the head of the technical testing laboratory of the Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Mechanization Nematjon Komilov and the basic doctoral students of our institute A. Rahimjonov, O. Nabijonov, I. Mamadaliyev participated. The test was conducted at the Valijon Azizov farm in Namangan district. This test unit was focused on determining energy-resource efficiency and agrotechnical indicators.


Vice-rector for youth, 

spiritual and educational affairs:                                                    O.Jakbarov


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