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SDG. 3.3.1. Coloborate with local health institutions

Etiology, epidemiology, clinic and prevention of HIV / AIDS infection

Each person determines his own destiny, so he should avoid getting into the swamp called “drugs”, contracting AIDS and HIV. On October 28, 2021, a conversation-meeting was held at the Faculty of Transport on the topic “Etiology, epidemiology, clinic and prevention of HIV / AIDS infection”. The conversation was opened by the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Transport Tukhliev G., The conversation was conducted by specialists from the regional AIDS center Gulhumor Mamadzhanova, Firzoda Ortikova and Dilafruz Ergashboeva. Then the experts gave information about the causes of AIDS, the ways of transmission and its consequences, that drug addiction is a lifelong problem, and often it ends in death.


Vice-rector for youth affairs and 

spiritual and educational affairs:                                                           O.Jakbarov

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