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SDG. 3.3.4 Reproductive health-care educational services

The family is an important social environment that serves as a shield for the benefit of the values that make up the content and meaning of life, such as today's thinking, spirituality, place in society, happiness and luck. In the East, the family has been considered a sacred fortress since ancient times. The kindness of Uzbek families has been a feature that causes both admiration and respect from people of other nationalities from ancient times to this day. In the Uzbek family, a woman and a mother are the guardians of this fortress, respected people who ensure the sanctity of the family.

On December 1, 2021, at the event held at the Faculty of Economics and Management, by improving the activities of the "Kizlarjon" club in educational institutions, improving the moral and aesthetic culture of girls, social and political activity, directing them to the profession, the unified plan of this club work was carried out on the main tasks of development.

In particular, a meeting for the improvement of the girls' club “Kizlarjon” was held, and at this meeting, the chairman of the women's council of the faculty R.Botirova, the dean of the faculty B.Mullabayev, the deputy dean for youth work O.Ahmedov, the associate professor of the Faculty of Management M. Ibrahimova participated.

After the meeting, the chairman of the women's council of the faculty R. Botirova, the dean of the faculty B. Mullabayev, the deputy dean of work with youth O. Akhmedov, the deputy dean of the faculty for educational affairs I. Saifullayev awarded talented female students.


Vice-rector for youth, 

spiritual and educational affairs:                                                    O.Jakbarov


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