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SDG. 7.3.1 Total energy used

"Information on fuel, energy and natural resources actually consumed by Namangan Engineering - Construction Institute in 2021"   
#Fuel and energy and natural resourcesThe unit of measurementActual amount spent in 2021 (in-kind)in  Gigajoule (GJ)   
1.Electricitythousand kVt/s.920,03312,0   
2.Natural gasthousand m3439,58130,8   
3.Heat capacitythousand Gkal0,793,31   
4.Water and plasterthousand m3141 / 141-   
5.Coal fueltons307,08903,0   
6.Gasoline fueltons1,569,0   
7.Diesel fueltons0,523   
Vice-rector for Financial Affairs:                                                                                               P.Karaev   
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