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SDG. 11.4.5 providing affordable housing for students

As of the 2021-2022 academic years, a total of 7,886 students are studying at the Namangan Engineering and Construction Institute. Of them, 4697 students are studying full-time, 294 are studying under the Master's program, and 2556 are studying part-time.

The institute has a total of 2 students dormitory campus, the 1st student’s dormitory campus is located in front of the main building of the institute on I.Karimov street, Namangan city and can accommodate 600 students. The 2nd students dormitory campus has a capacity of 200 beds and is located near the 7th campus of the institute, Adress Aktosh MFY Barokat street, Yorgorgon village, Uychi district.

The institute has the possibility to cover a total of 800 students with a dormitory. Today, 600 students are accommodated in the 1st campus of the institute's student dormitory, and 198 students are accommodated in the 2nd student dormitory campus. More than 1300 students have access to student dormitory.


The responsible staff of the institute - the deputy deans for work with youth of all faculties, faculty tutors, together with the staff of the department of coordinating the work of providing students with accommodation, are as close to the institute as possible for students to live and study. A list of apartments with cheap and convenient monthly rents has been created, and a list of apartments that can be rented to students by visiting Makhalla around the institute has been created. As a result, more than 380 apartments for rent were identified, students were provided with a bed, and students who want to change their rental address are provided with comfortable apartments. 

To date, more than 1,200 students live and study in more than 380 apartments that are comfortable for living and studying and have low rents.

In addition, according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 605 of September 24, 2021, a part of the rent payments paid by students living on the basis of the right to rent will be allocated to state higher education institutions within the State Budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan is covered by the account. 

For the 2021-2022 academic years, a part of the rent payments of 152 students was covered from the State budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan within the funds allocated to State higher education institutions.


Vice-rector for youth, 

spiritual and educational affairs:                                                    O.Jakbarov

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