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SDG. 13.3.3 Working with government in cooperative planning for

Cooperation in solving existing environmental problems in the region and the country


Taking into account that environmental problems are gaining global importance, in recent years, along with important priority tasks, special attention has been paid to environmental protection, environmental culture, environmental education and environmental enlightenment.

The relevance of ecological education is determined by the need to protect the nature, ecosystems, environment of our country from instability and derailment, to increase the environmental culture of the population, to contribute to these very serious and vital issues of all layers of the population, especially young people.


On December 6, 2021, a roundtable discussion was held at the Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute in cooperation with the Namangan Region Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to prevent emergencies related to gas poisoning that may occur during climate change.

Major General KasimAli Akhmedov, Head of Emergency Situations Department of Namangan Region, and Colonel Egamnazarov Bunyodbek Sohibnazarovich, Head of Emergency Situations Department of Namangan City, participated.

The rector of the institute led the round discussion. During the event, students were given information on how to use natural gas, how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning that may occur during climate change.



Vice-rector for Academic Affairs:                                        Q.Inoyatov



Collaborative implementation of climate change disaster prevention in the country


Collaborative planning of disasters related to climate change is regularly carried out at the institute.

In particular, a dialogue dedicated to the prevention of emergency situations was held in the NamECI student’s dormitory in cooperation with the Department of Emergency Situations in the autumn-winter season.

At the beginning of the event, the employees of the Emergency Situations Department introduced the students of the institute with visual aids. During the introduction, detailed information was given about how to use these devices and their working methods to prevent various emergency situations that may occur in the Republic during the autumn-winter season, taking into account climatic changes.

After that, according to Azizbek Holdorov's lecture, Shuhrat Shukurov, the deputy head of Namangan Emergency Situations Department, Abdurashid Isakov, teachers of the life activity center of regional Emergency Situations Department, listened to the lecture.

In their speech, they paid special attention to the necessity of not using homemade heating devices in order to raise awareness and prevent disasters of various levels in the autumn-winter season..

In the activities held on the basis of this cooperation, students got the information they needed and received appropriate answers to their questions.



Vice-rector for Academic Affairs:                                        Q.Inoyatov




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