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Publication of the institute principles and commitments

Information on the work carried out by the "Compliance Control" system management department of the Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute in September of this year to fight against corruption September 29, 2021 Namangan city   

The Institute's anti-corruption "Compliance Control" system management department has carried out the following activities based on the scope of its authority to combat and prevent corruption:   

A 22-item action plan of the tasks to be carried out during 2021-2022 was developed by the Department of Anti-Corruption in the Institute, approved by the Rector and put into practice.   

A 9-point comprehensive action plan for providing legal education to young people in the field of anti-corruption as defined in item 43 of the State Program for the fight against corruption for 2021-2022  was approved and put into practice.   





A list of the members of the student youth club for combating corruption organized on a public basis under the institute was formed, and in order to properly organize and coordinate the activities of the club members, the activities of the club members were divided into several sectors by the management department of the institute's anti-corruption "Compliance Control" system. A list of sector leaders representing each sector of the institute and sector leaders was formed from among the members, and a 10-point action plan to be implemented by the student-youth club in the 2021-2022 academic years to combat corruption in the institute was developed in agreement with the vice-rector for youth affairs of the institute and focused on execution.   


Also, based on the schedule developed by the department, on 13.09.2021 at the Rectorate, on 14.09.2021 at the faculties of "Construction" and "Informatization of Industry", on 15.09.2021 at the faculties of "Mechanical Engineering" and "Economics" on 16.09.2021 at the "Transport" ", "Energy and Labor Protection" faculties and on 25.09.2021, meetings were organized with professors-teachers of the "Engineering Communications" faculty of the institute. A total of 347 participants were informed about the status and tasks of the newly established anti-corruption "Compliance control" management department of the newly established institute, the tasks of the student-youth club organized to fight against corruption, as well as the "Environment of Intolerant Attitude Against Corruption" dated 06.07.2021 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Decree No. PF-6257 "On measures to sharply reduce corruption factors in state and community management and increase public participation" as well as Decree No. PQ-5177 "On additional measures to effectively organize anti-corruption activities" The content and essence were explained and described in detail.   


Vice-rector for youth,

spiritual and educational affairs:                                O.Jakbarov

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