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Undertaking educational outreach activities n local schools

Information about activities carried out with secondary schools attached to Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute


Decree No 6108 "On measures to develop the fields of education and science in the new development period of Uzbekistan" and "On additional measures to further improve the education system" approved by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on November 6, 2020 In accordance with the Decision No.4884 "Instructions for improving the quality of self-school education" developed by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and the Ministries of Public Education, 5 general education schools in Namangan region were attached to the Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute. According to the internal order of the rector of the institute "On the attachment of managers to general education schools in Namangan region":

1. To the Department of Chemical and Food Technologies - 73rd general Education School

2. To the department of general technical sciences - 28th general education school

3. To the department of higher mathematics - 6th general education school

4. To the Physics department - 11th general education school

5. To the department of Information technologies in technical systems-the 29th general education school was attached




In order to study the conditions of education in general education schools, the rector of the institute together with the attached officials visited the attached schools on November 23-28 of 2021. During the visit, interviews were organized with school pedagogues and students of the graduating class, in addition, the material and technical base of the schools and their existing problems were studied.

Based on the conducted inspections, together with the Regional Department of Public Education, a "Road Map" aimed at improving the quality of education in general education schools attached to the institute, providing methodological support to teachers, and increasing the admission rates of graduates to higher education institutions was developed and approved.

Rector of Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute Sh.Ergashev held a meeting on 16.01.2021 with the directors and teachers of the schools attached to the institute and the professors of the institute attached to these schools to guide the students of the graduating class to the profession and increase the scope of admission to higher educational institutions.

According to the road map, the following works are being carried out by the attached departments:

- the works to be carried out in mutual cooperation between the school and the department were agreed upon;

- for high school students, based on their interest and ability, preparatory courses for entrance exams to higher education institutions were organized at the school, in which courses are conducted on a plan-graphic basis in concrete and natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science and foreign languages on)

- professional departments are organizing vocational clubs for schoolchildren;

- Higher education institutions and educational areas planned to be submitted by students of the graduating class in the 2020-2021 academic year were determined;

- monitoring of training of science teachers of the attached school was carried out;

- In 28 schools, the Internet network was reconnected and put into operation, school computers were fully configured and connected to the network;

- the literature in the information resource centers of schools was analyzed, and the institute presented 200 pieces of fiction with different titles.

 Professors and teachers of the "Chemical and Food Technologies" department provided 22 different chemical reagents and items for the chemical laboratory in schools at the expense of the institute.




The following works have been planned and agreed with schools from January 2021 based on the plan and schedule based on the instructions of the Ministry of Public Education and the developed road map, in which:

organization of preparatory courses for entrance exams to HEIs;

Conducting department hours and classes of professors of the institute for school pedagogues;

Organization of science clubs for students;

Organization of visit of professors-teachers and scientists of the region and republic on the Day of Scientists;

holding events within the framework of "5 initiatives";

Organization of vocational training courses by local manufacturers and professors of specialized departments on the day of professions;

Establishing cooperation with parents, local administration and Council of Deputies and other activities are planned.

In particular: From December 7, 2020, professors-teachers of the departments of information technology in higher mathematics, physics, foreign languages, chemical and food and technical systems will be invited to the above-mentioned schools for the purpose of admission to HEIs for graduating classes in mathematics, physics, English, chemistry and computer science. helped to organize courses. Based on the schedule, professors and teachers of the institute go to schools on regularly scheduled days and conduct classes together with answering problematic questions.

In addition, professors-teachers of the departments of Informatics and IT, Technological machines and equipment, heavy transport systems and construction of building structures are organizing round interviews in the schools to which they are attached based on the plan and schedule, and they are giving information on their directions.

The professors and teachers of the affiliated departments organized courses and held training sessions for the graduate classes in subjects for the purpose of admission to higher education institutions.

On the basis of the plan and schedule set by the professors and teachers, round talks and seminars on clubs were conducted in the schools to which they were attached.


To all schools: 

- 110 pieces of chemical reagents and items of 22 different types were provided at the expense of the institute for chemical laboratory rooms;

- 264 pieces of fiction in 47 titles were handed over to the school's library fund;

- 28 - the Internet network was reconnected in the general education school, the computers in the school were fully configured and connected to the network. The WI-FI network was set up and launched, and circles and roundtable discussions were held on the ZOOM platform in order to continue cooperation remotely.

In addition, in general education schools attached to Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute, "Year of Youth Support and Public Health Strengthening" and within the framework of 5 initiatives, professors and teachers of all departments of the institute went to schools attached to "Scientists' Day", "Life Lessons" and They have been holding seminars and open dialogues on "Chair Hour" topics. 



Vice-rector for Academic Affairs: Q.Inoyatov


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