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SDG. 3.3.4 Reproductive health-care educational services

Psychologist support at the institute

By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 27, 2017 PQ-3151, a separate staff was created for a psychologist in higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan.

Based on this decision, the position of psychologist was also established in NamECI. For the effective organization of the psychologist's work, a separate cabinet in the 3rd campus was allocated. This cabinet is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the work of a psychologist. The psychologist of the institute conducts her activities on the basis of a special work plan for each academic year. According to the plan, during the year, the psychologist conducts questionnaires and interesting trainings with the students, professors and staffs. In particular, questionnaires aimed at creating a student's social psychological passport, determining the type of temperament, preventing suicide, and determining the ability will be conducted. In addition, separate interviews are held between the psychologist and professors, staffs and students, and the psychologist gives the necessary advice and recommendations. Also on the social network there is a Telegram channel called "PSIXOLOGNAMMQI", on which the psychologist of the institute actively posts various psychological motivational quotes, interesting tests and videos.


Vice-rector for youth affairs and   

spiritual and educational affairs:                                O.Jakbarov   


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